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  • Marangoni raising prices in wake of Chinese import duties

    ROVERTO, Italy—In the wake of the antidumping duties placed on imported Chinese truck and bus tires by the European Commission, Marangoni Retreading Systems is increasing prices for rubber materials used to retread tires across Europe.

  • China's trade body disputes European TBR tariffs

    BEIJING—The China Rubber Industry Association is challenging the European Commission's assertion that imports of Chinese truck and bus tires into the European Union are the cause of reduced profitability by European tire makers and retreaders.

  • Industry leaders wary of trade war with China

    WASHINGTON—New and retreaded aircraft tires, several types of machinery for molding or processing rubber and plastics, and a long list of motor vehicles are among the $50 billion worth of goods imported from China facing 25 percent tariffs from...

  • Hankook trial documents to remain unsealed

    RICHMOND, Va.—A federal judge in Richmond has denied the request of Hankook Tire and Hankook Tire America to seal certain documents that were part of the evidence in a $37.8 million product liability case against the tire makers.

  • Mold makers: 'We're in uncharted territory' on tariffs

    NOVI, Mich.—Mold makers at the Amerimold trade show said tariffs on steel and aluminum are raising prices for their key raw materials, and they will fuel higher prices for molds. But by how much depends on the size and complexity of the tool.

  • Auto makers burned as U.S.-China spat flares

    WASHINGTON—Fears of a full-blown global trade war moved closer to reality when the U.S. delivered on a threat to impose a 25 percent tariff on $50 billion worth of Chinese imports, including auto parts critical to the U.S. supply chain, and China ...

  • Autonomous legislation still a blank canvas

    WASHINGTON—The tire and auto equipment industries have definite ideas on what they want in pending regulation of automated vehicles. What they eventually will get, however, is still up for debate.