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  • Unlock the Possibilities of Silicone Rubber

    Silicone is an incredibly versatile material. As an inorganic elastomer, silicone rubber has chemical properties that make it ideal for providing extended service life in harsh environments and applications. Silicone's chemical structure allows...

  • Happenings at HEXPOL February 2018

    HEXPOL Compounding, the leading global provider of elastomer compounds, recently introduced a family of six website portals that provide valuable information about HEXPOL capabilities...

  • Driven by HEXPOL

    HEXPOL is one of the leading suppliers of compounded elastomer solutions for the automotive industry. The HEXPOL team has a wide range of mixing and custom development solutions to help our automotive customers drive innovation and increase...

  • Integrated Automotive Solutions

    HEXPOL is working with key auto industry enterprises to promote compounds as preferred materials to meet automotive fuel efficiency, performance, and sustainability requirements.

  • Lightweighting and "Green Technologies"

    Innovative compounding capabilities from HEXPOL leverage proven concepts of lightweighting and “green technology” to help auto manufacturers achieve better fuel economy while reducing carbon emissions...

  • The OEM Auto Production Corridor

    HEXPOL is at the center of Mexico's automotive production corridor. With two plants in Mexico – Aguascalientes and Queretaro – we partner with major global auto manufactures and suppliers.